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Production of fiber-reinforced components

Production methods

CrossLink masters all common production methods. We have different systems for semi-finished products as well as shaping technologies at our disposal. Autoclaves with lengths of up to five meters and diameters of up to 2 meters and our high-pressure resin injection plants allow us to represent different processing methods, as for example the autoclave prepreg method or the RTM procedure for thermosetting material systems. We will gladly give you competent advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each method particularly for your product. At the same time, we also constantly develop new methods and equipment to widen our production options.

High-Speed-Cutter for Prepregs


Available methods:
  Thermoplastic matrix systems
  Organo sheets
  Compression Molding
All of our processes are based upon computer integration and field-tested automation. In that way, we achieve cycle times to produce higher numbers of up to 10,000 units per years. High speed CNC cutters are used for cutting the fabrics with programs generated directly from the design data. For the hardening process we own several autoclaves, ultra-modern hydraulic presses and annealing furnaces.

Manufacturing method for composites

Manufacturing composite components

CNC Machinery

We have a modern plant with CNC machinery, for high-precision production of master patterns and tools, as well as sufficient capacities for serial production. Our customers can benefit from our know-how and long-time experience. contact

CNC milling CFRP Carbon

Hermle C40U


Fiber-reinforced materials offer lots of possibilities and are therefore considered to be future materials. In order to exploit their full potential, a dimensioning, optimized with respect to loading and employment, as well as constructive design is needed. Our experienced engineers will inform and advise you about the often unimagined possibilities of these materials. CrossLink offers you the entire production chain, from concept design through construction and manufacture to surface finishing for prototypes and automated serial production. contact

Construction Carbon CAD

Material Optimized design

carbon production

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